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LearnMe specialises in the development and implementation of Workplace Skills Plans for your business. How can we help you today?

Do you pay skills development levies? Do you apply for grants to get the money back and train your employees? How can your company benefit from this?

The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and the Annual Training Report (ATR) are two of the fundamental parts to obtaining grants from your SETA to use for training employees. The WSP is a plan that documents the skills needs in your business and this plan will describe all the initiatives you are planning to undertake to fulfill those skills needs. The Workplace Skills Plan is submitted annually in the first quarter by the 30th of April.

LearnMe will take the hassle off your busy HR departments hands and GET YOUR MONEY BACK for your levies paid.

Workplace Skills Plan Questions Answered

Do you have questions about workplace skills plans? Here’s some frequently asked questions, answered.

  1. It will highlight the skills gaps in your company
  2. It will highlight the employer’s intention to address these gaps and the initiatives taken
  3. The SETA’s are able to compile their Sector Skills Plans and allow companies access to the various SETA grants
  4. It encourages companies to have a well-rounded approach to skills development and training

At LearnMe we will conduct a skills audit before compiling your Workplace Skills Plan, as this is vital and has several benefits. After the skills audit, we will be able to:

  1. Provide you with a good snapshot of actual skills and knowledge within your current workforce
  2. Provide you with the specific developmental areas and where focus is required
  3. Assist with placement of staff into correct positions, where they are able to use their skills and increase your productivity
  4. Assist with aligning the Workplace Skills Plan with your company strategy
  5. Assist with undertaking succession planning

You can qualify for up to 50% of levies paid in training grants BUT you need to submit an Annual Training Report at the end of each financial year, with your Workplace Skills Plan.

The Annual Training Report (ATR) will show the progress of your training in line with your submitted Workplace Skills Plan.

We can assist with completing the report as this will assist in identifying your training success points, and it will also highlight all the deviations to achieve your training objectives.

Not submitting your ATR = Forfeiting the levy portion allocated when submitting your WSP.

  1. Annual Skills audit
  2. WSP and ATR completion and submission
  3. Securing your SETA grant and funding
  4. BBBEE and Skills Development advice
  5. Implementation of learnerships and learnership management
  6. Learnership tax deduction and IT 180 for completion
  7. Provide monthly training update reports
  8. Assist with implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan

If you submitted and implemented your WSP and submitted your ATR report, you are eligible for TAX REBATES and POINTS on your BBBEE Scorecard.

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