Woman of Stature Awards 2022

Woman of Stature Awards 2022

The Woman of Stature Foundation was formed to address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa, by making a valued contribution through development of women. Women are the cornerstone of society, homemakers and the mothers of future leaders and without them we will have a fragile community.

The Foundation is one that brings women together, allows them to network, share and inspire each other, but there is a deeper purpose behind it. It also allows them to learn and grow as women in their lives and in business. The foundation has memberships programmes for women to better themselves, heal areas of their lives, find resources for their businesses as well as get involved in mentorship programs for them to pass the torch on and uplift others.

On 12 March 2022, The Woman of Stature Foundation hosted their 7thannual award ceremony in Johannesburg.

The Woman of Stature Awards, recognizes exceptional talent and hard work of local businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Each year there is an award ceremony hosted in South Africa and Dubai.

The annual awards are a key component of the Woman of Stature Community Impact Model and its social and developmental impact feeds back to the community.

The WOS Awards is not just a prestigious event to acknowledge women who have inspired and excelled in their arena, it is also an opportunity for each winner to mentor 5 professional women each in their category and pass their knowledge and wisdom on.

Our CEO Is The Winner Of The People's Choice Award

This year, our CEO, Janice Ramlutchman, was nominated under the category “Women in Education”.

While she did not walk away with this award, she did go on to win the People’s Choice Award, which tells us that she is extremely respected and valued by the people around her.

We are extremely proud of Janice’s achievements. LearnMe is grateful and lucky to have such a strong, passionate, resilient, motivated, caring and inspirational woman heading up our company. Janice is a prime example of how a woman can overcome challenges and obstacles, yet still rise to improve herself, give passionately, lead a team and achieve personal and business success. Janice wears many hats and does it with grace and compassion.

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