LearnMe Yes Program

The Yes Program

The YES (Youth Employment Service) program is a business-led initiative, in collaboration with government. This program assists youth to develop new skills and gain meaningful work experience to improve their opportunities for permanent employment.

Businesses can participate in the program by sponsoring youth in employment for 12 months, and gain Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) recognition if they meet the minimum criteria and achieve the YES targets as noted below:

Generic Enterprises – Total revenue above R50 million per annum

The company must achieve at least the 40% sub-minimum under each of the priority elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. Alternatively, they must achieve an average of 50% across the three priority elements.

QSE’s – Total revenue less than R50 million per annum

The business must achieve at least 40% in two of the three priority elements, with Ownership being one of the two elements. Alternatively, the business must achieve an average score of 40% across two priority elements with Ownership being one of the two elements.

EME’s – Total revenue less than R10 million per annum

No sub-minimum eligibility requirements apply.

Companies can increase their B-BBEE recognition level

  • 1 level for meeting the youth employment target and 2.5% absorption
  • 1 level + 3 points for 1.5 x youth employment target and 5% absorption
  • 2 levels for doubling the youth employment target and 5% absorption

The youth employment target is based on the higher of

  • 5% of headcount
  • 5% of NPAT / R55 000; or
  • As determined by a table based on revenue

Eligible youth are between the ages of 18 and 35 and meet the definition of Black people as per the B-BBEE Act.

LearnMe can assist your company in benefiting from the YES Program. Contact us for expert advice and guidance.