New Accreditations from Learnme

New Accreditations Spring Announcement

As the warmth of spring returns, LearnMe steps into September with a renewed commitment to growth and excellence. In this season of fresh beginnings, we’re thrilled to announce our latest achievements that empower individuals and organisations through accredited qualifications.

Guided by our dedication to excellence, we have established partnerships with esteemed entities like SETAs, Quality Councils, and professional bodies. These collaborations ensure that our educational offerings adhere to the highest standards, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

September signifies transformation, and LearnMe’s impact is evident through the transformative qualifications we offer. Whether you’re seeking NQF Level 1 or Level 6 qualifications, our programs not only prepare you for industry roles but also instill professionalism, ethics, and environmental consciousness.

In collaboration with PROearth Learning Academy, we provide a wide array of qualifications spanning sectors such as construction, project management, human resources, retail, agriculture, and many more. Backed by relevant Quality Councils and SETAs, our commitment to growth and excellence is unwavering.

At LearnMe, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses with tools to elevate their human capital. Our range of cost-effective service offerings includes BEE Alignment, Learnerships, Skills Programs, HR Solutions, Payroll Solutions, and Employment Equity Plans, all designed to transform your workforce into a driving force for success.

Our qualifications have a positive impact across sectors and communities in South Africa, bridging skills gaps and fostering professionalism.

This month, we shine a spotlight on our accreditation achievements in the Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry:

National Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision (Level 3, 120 Credits)

National Certificate: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services (Level 2, 120 Credits)

General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning (NQF Level 1, 121 Credits)

As we step into this transformative month, seize the opportunity for growth through impactful qualifications. Join us on a journey toward excellence. Reach out today for a free quotation and embrace the spirit of new beginnings. Let’s empower ourselves for a brighter future together – The LearnMe Team

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