Learnerships Mobile Training Unit

Training & Skills development to uplift South Africa

Many organisations in South Africa are faced with the challenge of skills shortages and the country as a whole is faced with the challenge of unemployment. Toward the end of 2018, LearnMe partnered with service providers to assist the unemployed community with upskilling through training and development with our Mobile Training Units. We offer learnerships (disability, employed and unemployed), skills programmes or unit standard based training that is accredited.

The problem we face in South Africa

The unemployed youth and communities are faced with the challenge of no money for training or transport for training. Many remote areas and rural settlements are inaccessible, hence the need for a mobile training unit. The rural communities also have a limitation in terms of electricity and water.

Our Solution

The training units help to address the challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality. Through working with the local communities, individuals will receive training, giving them the opportunity to fend for themselves. The establishment of the programme was to fulfil objectives such as employment creation and investment in human capital.

LearnMe promotes working together to create an environment that is friendly, responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for local communities.

Each training unit is fitted with:

White Board
Fitted tables and chairs
Plug points
Learnerships Mobile Training Unit Inside

Industries we train

Some of the industries we cover are:


If you would like more information about how we can supply you with training in our Mobile Training Unit, please leave your details below.