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LearnMe HR Solutions Department Advise on the Screening Interview Process

The HR solutions department at LearnMe knows that the interview process can be intimidating. But if you want that dream job, then it is vital to get the screening interview process right. A human resource professional will probably do the initial interview with candidates that apply for any particular job. This initial interview is usually for two reasons.

First, to get a feel for the candidate’s qualifications and personality traits. Second, to find out if the candidate is a good fit and whether they are interested in working there. You could either have a good or a bad interview with the HR solutions team of any given company.

But, if you want to go further down the interview process, you’ll need to make an impression on the HR solutions team. So, preparation is key when you go for an interview. But you can only prepare well if you know what to expect?

LearnMe HR Company Solutions Give Advice on Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Some of our HR consultants compiled a list of 5 questions often asked by any HR solutions team when they’re doing screening interviews.

Tell us why this position interests you?

The HR company solutions team will most probably throw this question at you. Instead of fearing this question, think it through and be prepared. It’s a great time to highlight why you feel your skillset matches the job description. You must confirm that you are able to fulfil the job requirements. Don’t be shy to talk about your strengths and how you think you can contribute to the company. For example, if you are a great team player, then make sure that they know about it and be ready to give examples of times when you were able to contribute positively in a team environment.

It’s a good idea to talk about your past experiences and how those experiences match the job description. For example, if you have a history of volunteering in the community and working with children, then highlight that experience and how it could be relevant to this job. You can also discuss some of your work-related achievements and how they could be relevant to the job you are interviewing for.

Use the keywords that was in the job description and map that to your experience and qualifications. That will assist the HR solutions team to visualize you in the role and help them understand what you can bring to the company.

Tell us about who you are?

The HR company solutions team will most probably ask you to tell them more about who you are. It is important to be able to communicate your qualities and achievements in a clear manner. Highlight the things that makes you unique. For example, if it’s your competitive nature, then you should tell them how that helped you get where you are today. You can also talk about the things that makes you a good team player and show your commitment to working with others.

Most candidates give the HR solutions team only basic chronological events about their history. That is not ideal. Stand out from the crowd and give the Human Resource company a SWOT analysis of who you are given the context of the role you are applying for. You need to think outside the box here. You can extend the SWOT analysis to include the industry the company finds itself in. That will help you to put your best foot forward and show that you have a broader view of the company.

Your answers should be structured. You don’t want to come across as arrogant or overbearing in this process. But doing a SWOT analysis will show the HR solutions team that you are prepared and ready for the role in question. You can even go deeper with a SWOT analysis and do this analysis on the company and the job role at hand. Doing a SWOT analysis will differentiate you from the other candidates and show that you are a well-rounded person. The HR solutions team could ask you about your personal interests as well. Be sure to talk about those things that interest you in general, but also ones that align with the job role at hand. That’s why it is important to know the job description well before you into the interview.

What’s the main reasons for you not continuing in your current position at company XYZ?

Many HR managers in the HR solutions team will ask this question in the screening interview process. By asking this question, they are looking to see if there are any warning signs in your previous job that would have led to a failed relationship with the company. For example, if you were fired from a position or let go because of poor performance then that is something that could cause problems for you in future jobs. So, they want to know about any red flags in your past work history. It’s important for the HR company solutions manager to understand if you left on a good footing with the previous company or a bad one.

Remember, HR has a responsibility to employ the best candidates for the job roles. So, if you were fired from a previous position then they want to know about it and why that happened. They will try and figure out if this is a new opportunity you want to embrace for career growth or whether you are just trying to run away from your previous position. Never speak negatively about your previous employer. Speak positively about your previous position and your performance there. But also let the HR company solutions manager know that this job role you are applying for, does fit your background and interests. Articulate to them that you see this as a great next step for your career and that you have the skills and qualifications to be successful in this role and to make a positive contribution to the company.

Tell us more about our company?

It is absolutely vital to research the company you are applying to. This research should include finding out about the company’s history, their current business practices and how they operate. Go through the company’s vision and mission statements to see what the company values and what their long-term goals are. Find out how they are structured and who’s in the top management. Also look them up online and especially look for press releases and press articles about that company. Are there any news events for the company in the media? Share what you have found online about the company when the HR solutions team are interviewing you. This will make a great impression as it will show the HR team that you have done your research and that you show interest.

Do you have any questions for us here at XYZ company?

It is highly advisable to have questions ready you want to ask the HR solutions team. These questions should be professional and strategic. The questions should be about the company, what challenges they have in executing their vision and mission statements, their current business practices and what they are looking for in a new employee.

Questions like: Why do you think I would be suitable for this role? What kind of skills and qualifications do you require from me to succeed in this role? What are the specific tasks I will be required to do in this role? Do you have any specific skills that would make me more suitable for this role? Do you offer growth opportunities within the company? Would you be willing to help me expand my skillset if I show that I am dedicated and committed to the job given to me?


After you have answered all the questions and if there are no further questions, it is time to conclude your interview. Thank the HR solutions team for their time and make sure you say goodbye in a professional manner. Ask them when you can expect to hear from them. If you have not yet received a call back from the HR solutions team within the specified time period, it is highly advisable to follow up with them. Following up will show that you are interested in the role and are willing to do whatever is necessary to secure your position within the company.

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