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LearnMe offer professional & comprehensive HR solutions that will assist businesses with staffing and admin related tasks.

Our HR Solution

What makes HR consulting services at LearnMe different? Our HR solutions cater to all business sizes located across South Africa. Our professional HR consultants will assess the human resource needs of businesses and then LearnMe offer what is required, as opposed to supplying HR consulting services that are unnecessary for you and the needs of your business.

HR Company Solutions

LearnMe offer a variety of HR company solutions. Here’s a few to consider.

Working remotely via the telephone and via online meeting systems, the LearnMe team of HR consultants are never far away for your support and needs.

Having the correct and most up to date policies and procedures are sometimes tedious and time consuming. The combined knowledge base of LearnMe’s HR practioners will have you working with policies and procedures custom made for your company.

Outsourcing your payroll means that as a business owner, you get to focus on managing your business and let the professionals handle your transactional payroll duties. LearnMe has more than 13 years’ experience with payroll in a South African context. We also have a thorough knowledge of the associated legislation with payroll and we are up to date with all changes in the legislation. If you consider payroll outsourcing or HR outsourcing, you are dealing with the right HR Consultants.

A legislatively compliant payroll division can be a complex and time consuming task for companies of various sizes. Payroll administrators need to have a comprehensive understanding of tax, HR solutions, payroll, SARS and eFiling electronic submission systems to pay employees. LearnMe’s outsourced payroll solution provides you with qualified professionals, who have up-to-date knowledge on legislation so that you can focus on your business.

Based on legislation in Section 20, of the Employment Equity Act, all employers need to have Employment Equity plans in place. These plans must show your employment equity objectives, the affirmative action measures, the timetables, the duration, the procedures and all the responsibilities that the employer will implement.

The implementation of the Employment Equity Plan is part of LearnMe’s HR company solutions offering and is vital to your organization for many legislative reasons.

  1. It shows the employer how the current profile of its staff compares to the demographics of the country (SA).
  2. The employment equity plan must address the demographic dimensions of the staff of the employer, to reflect the South African demographic profile. LearnMe’s professional HR consultants will show you how this is done.
  3. It enables the employer to take active and appropriate measures to redress the imbalances in staff representation and to identify barriers because of unfair discrimination.
  4. It enables the employer to have a diversified staff which in terms of the employers own equity policy will contribute towards the excellence and long-term sustainability of the company.
  5. Compliance with the Employment Equity Act (EE) give companies credibility and legitimacy.

Employment Equity Plans also benefits the employer in the following ways:

  • Discretionary funding applications
  • Access to mandatory grants from the SETA for the company
  • BBBEE – Skills Development Pillar requirement to receive points for BBBEE
  • Legal requirement in terms of the Skills Development Act

The Skills Development Act is in place to ensure development of skills in South Africa and to improve the prospects of work and improve productivity in the workplace, the competitiveness of employers and to promote self employment.

The implementation of this legislation is a specialist endeavor and one that our LearnMe human resource consultants can assist you with. Our qualified and experienced Skills Development Facilitators (SDF) will assist with the planning, implementation and reporting of your training and assist with your SETA related duties. This also forms part of the LearnMe HR consulting services offering.

LearnMe’s SDF services include:

  1. Development of Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  2. Submission of the WSP to the relevant SETA
  3. Advise and assist on the implementation of the WSP
  4. Draft and Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the WSP
  5. Advice on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA
  6. Act as contact between SETA and employer
  7. Serves as the resource on all Skills Development aspects

LearnMe HR consultants will ensure you comply with the requirements of The Skills Development Levy Act (SDL). If your salary payout is more than R500 000 over a 12 month period, you are liable to pay SDL. These levies are distributed among the SETA’s and the funds used to develop and improve skills. Along with the requirements of SDL, government also requires the monitoring and implementation of Employment Equity.

Employers need to have control on the employees leave figures. Employees need to take leave to rest and other circumstances that might arise that also necessitate leave requests. Employers need to know if there is any abuse to mitigate risk.

It is important to know what is expected of you in your work environment. This helps to know if employees are achieving their objectives and could be assessed for possible promotion or if they are not achieving their objectives and assistance may be given to help and guide the employees.

LearnMe HR Consultants

LearnMe’s professional HR consultants can advise you on all the above components (and more) which aims to improve your business and its internal workings.

What sets LearnMe apart from other HR companies? Our HR specialists want to work closely with you. Our team of HR consultants work together with you so that your company will be compliant within South African government legislation.

LearnMe’s HR consultants’ commitment to excellence and our values of passion, honesty, quality and professionalism drive us to achieve only the best for you and your business. The relationships that we build with our clients are based on trust and mutual respect. Through this we aim to strive towards a well-run, efficient HR solution that ticks all your boxes.

We are currently accredited through a sister company and affiliated with the Construction SETA, Transport SETA and Services SETA.

How Do You Benefit By Using LearnMe?

  1. Direct and indirect benefits for employees and the organisation in terms of job descriptions, job evaluations and job grading.
  2. Alignment of policies and procedures with company documentation and legislative requirements.
  3. Cost of HR Administrators.
  4. Turnover of HR staff.
  5. Confidentiality of data.
  6. Menial HR issues getting in the way of running your business.

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