Employed Learnerships

LearnMe offer employed learnership modules for learners and companies throughout South Africa. Wherever you are in South Africa, we can come and present these learnerships at your workplace.

Funded (by SETA) Employed Learnership

An employed learnership can be funded by the SETA (Sector Education Training Authority). The client will have to apply for a Discretionary Grant to get funding from the relevant SETA. This type of funding can be granted, up to 100%, at the discretion of the SETA.

Employed Learnership Questions Answered

Do you have questions about employed learnerships? Please read on.

Some employed learnership are unfunded, meaning that the company funds the learnerships.

A company can decide to not outsource their learnerships to unemployed learners, but rather get their current employees to do a Learnership – therefore the term employed learnerships. By doing this they are upskilling their employees for the benefit of the company and for the employee’s personal growth and development.

An employed learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Employed learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work, for example, electrical engineering, hairdressing, or project management.

Employed Learnerships are managed by the SETA. They were introduced by government to help skill learners and upskill them for the workplace.

Employed Learnerships are based on a learnership agreement between an employer, a learner, and a training provider. This agreement is intended to set out the tasks and duties of the employer, the learner, and the training provider. The learnership agreements ensures that quality training is provided and it protects the interests of each party.

An employed learnership requires that a learner is employed by the company, and therefore a contract between the employer and employee already exists.

  1. Improve your talent pool. Employed Learnerships are an effective strategy to ensure that your business is empowered by the relevant skills over a long term.
  2. Grow your people in line with the business strategy.
  3. Increase your BBBEE scores. Skills development is now a priority element of the BBBEE scorecard and the implementation of employed learnerships will enable you to maximize on this element of your scorecard
  4. Mandatory and Discretionary funding. Plan ahead to include employed learnerships in the PIVOTAL section of your WSP and apply to the SETA for discretionary funding.
  5. Leverage Tax Rebates. Treasury’s extension of the learnership tax rebates enables you to claim rebates.
  6. The employer is not required to pay stipends as in the case of employed learnerships.
  7. Any investment in education and training of employees, benefits not only the company’s core function; but assists the company in terms of employment advancement as well as improving its B-BBEE scoring.

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