Construction SETA Learnerships

LearnMe offer construction SETA learnership modules that will assist businesses to train and educate their staff.

One of the CETA (Construction Education & Training Authority) responsibilities is to identify skills gaps and to develop education and training programmes appropriate to address the skills shortages identified in-line with the skills needs in the construction industry.

At LearnMe we offer a BEE aligned CETA learnership focusing directly on one of the skills needed in the construction industry and skills needs as identified by leading employers in the industry.

At LearnMe we offer the following Construction Seta Learnership:

Construction Plant Operations

Qualification Title: National Certificate: Construction Plant Operations

SAQA Qual ID: 65789

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 120

This Qualification is intended to assist all relevant stakeholders and role-players, including:

  • Civil and Building Construction companies.
  • Plant Hire.
  • Forestry.
  • Material Handling.
  • Mining.
  • Plant manufacturers.

This qualification has been developed to assist with the advancement of the learner across the Civil Engineering and Construction Industry and is aimed at Construction Plant Operations practitioners in the Industry, ensuring the upliftment of standards in general.

The combination of learning outcomes will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of Construction Plant Operations in the Civil Engineering and Construction environment. It will also equip learners with a foundation for further intellectual development, opportunities for gainful employment and reward for contributions to society.

This qualification will provide the industry with qualified Construction Plant Operations practitioners, thereby facilitating social and economic transformation, empowerment and upliftment in the Industry and country in general.

The Civil Construction Industry is primarily engaged in the civil engineering work on infrastructure related projects covering such diverse fields as roads, bridgeworks, railways, harbours, sewerage and drainage, electrical infrastructure, pipelines and recreation works. There is a rising demand for qualified plant and machinery operators. Increasingly, contractors are demanding evidence of competence to nationally recognised standards. Rising customer expectations at all levels are driving up standards in plant and machinery operations and fueling the demand for proven competence through qualifications.

This qualification has been developed to serve this established function for the Construction Plant occupational area within the Civil Engineering and Construction Industry. The rationale for the introduction of a NQF 2-unit standard based qualification in Construction Operations is to provide a qualification for persons who perform construction plant activities on Civil Engineering and Construction sites, whether in micro, small, medium or large operations.

The combination of learning outcomes will provide qualifying learners with applied competence in the integration of general construction sitework and technical competencies in areas of specialisation in construction plant operations.

It is recommended that a learner entering a program leading to this Qualification has successfully completed a General Education and Training Certificate including, Communication and Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1.

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