Employment Equity Act Amendment

Employment Equity Act Amendment

The Employment Equity Act gets amended to aid workplace transformation in SA Recently the government made amendments to the Employment Equity Bill in order to assist South African companies to drive further change and transformation within their organisations, having far reaching positive effects on South African citizens and our economy. Advantages of the Employment Equity …

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W&R Seta Accreditation

W&R SETA Accreditation

W&R SETA Accreditation With LearnMe It is with great excitement, that we announce our official new accreditation with the W&R SETA. This increases our accreditation offering even further and opens up even more opportunities for us at LearnMe to expand and offer training in more diverse sectors.  The Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training …

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Discretionary Grants

Discretionary Grants

Discretionary Grants By Sector Education Training Authorities (SETA’s) What is a Discretionary Grant? In terms of the Skills Development Regulations, a Discretionary Grant is a grant paid to applicants at the discretion of the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). Discretionary Funding is targeted at encouraging stakeholders to contribute towards skills development. The majority …

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Agri Seta Training Provider

AgriSETA Training Provider

New AgriSETA Accreditation and Qualifications At LearnMe, we continually strive to expand and offer a broader range of skills development programs, learnerships and training solutions for our learners and clients. We believe that every South African youth deserves an opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge in the area that they are passionate about. The …

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HR Solutions

LearnMe HR Solutions Department Advise on the Screening Interview Process The HR solutions department at LearnMe knows that the interview process can be intimidating. But if you want that dream job, then it is vital to get the screening interview process right. A human resource professional will probably do the initial interview with candidates that …

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