Employment Equity and Empowering Equality

Empowering Equality: LearnMe’s Commitment to Employment Equity In today’s diverse and dynamic workplace, promoting equality and diversity is paramount. One organization at the forefront of this crucial endeavor is LearnMe (www.learnme.co.za), a South African company dedicated to human capital development and skills empowerment. One of their prominent initiatives is Employment Equity, a program aimed at …

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New Accreditations from Learnme

New Accreditations Spring Announcement

As the warmth of spring returns, LearnMe steps into September with a renewed commitment to growth and excellence. In this season of fresh beginnings, we’re thrilled to announce our latest achievements that empower individuals and organisations through accredited qualifications. Guided by our dedication to excellence, we have established partnerships with esteemed entities like SETAs, Quality …

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Women's Day

Happy Womans Month

Happy Women’s Month! Honouring the Mentorship Journey This August, I would like to honour & celebrate the indomitable spirit of women who inspire us with their resilience and strength. At LearnMe knowledge is Power! This Women’s Month, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible mentorship journey I’ve been fortunate to embark …

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Mobile Training Unit - Learnerships

Mobile Training Units That Empower Communities

As the proud Director at LearnMe, I am excited to share how our innovative mobile training units have set us apart in South Africa. Our unwavering focus is on community.  I will highlight how our mobile units are transforming impoverished communities, with a particular emphasis on B-BBEE training, accreditations, and skills development. Mobile Training Units: …

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mobile training unit 6

Accredited Training Solutions and The Benefits of Learnerships with LearnMe

In today’s competitive business landscape, continuous learning and skill development are essential for personal and organisational growth. At LearnMe, we understand the significance of this journey and take immense pride in being a trusted training provider in South Africa, offering a diverse range of online accredited courses.  We not only offer online courses we also …

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Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness

The importance of diversity not only means creating greater multicultural awareness and inclusion to help individuals with different backgrounds and their need to succeed, but it encourages acceptance and helps prepare those individuals to thrive in an exponentially diverse world. We promote diversity awareness as leaders or mentors, but we must also take active participation in …

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BEE Compliance

BEE Compliance

Is your organisation BEE Compliant? A company aiming for BEE Compliance must fulfill the required criteria, depending on its size. The size of your business contributes to the level of your compliance. LearnMe can help you with the analysis of your BEE Compliance to ensure that you comply with requirements and reap the benefits of doing …

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