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Best BEE Solutions For Your Company

Hi, I’m Janice Ramlutchman and I’m the CEO & Managing Director at LearnMe. 

If you need assistance with your BEE, then I can assure you that our professional BEE consultants will guide you with clarity through a confusing BEE maze. 

We consult throughout South Africa. So whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, or anywhere in between, our BEE consultants are available to assist you. 

If you phone us on the number below or fill out our form, we will give you a BEE consultation and BEE blueprint for free. This is worth R30,000 and will only be available for a limited time

So hurry! We’re looking forward to talk to you.

How Can LearnMe Help You With Your BEE?

Fill out the form and claim your BEE consultation and BEE blueprint that is worth R30,000.
Alternatively, give us a call on the number below and talk directly to 1 of our professional BEE consultants.

Focus On Your Business While We Focus On Your BEE

Do not let the administrative hassle of BEE take your focus away from growing your business. Our professional BEE consultants will take care of all your BEE requirements on your behalf. Be smart. Outsource your BEE to LearnMe.

Here's Our Team. We're Specialists At: