BEE Compliance

BEE Compliance

Is your organisation BEE Compliant? A company aiming for BEE Compliance must fulfill the required criteria, depending on its size. The size of your business contributes to the level of your compliance.

LearnMe can help you with the analysis of your BEE Compliance to ensure that you comply with requirements and reap the benefits of doing so.

Why should you ensure you have a BEE certificate?

Companies need to comply with the applicable sector codes, rules, and regulations in South Africa. This means companies need to monitor their BEE score and implement the correct measures.

Having your BEE certificate allows your company to tender for contracts and increase the chances of winning the contract. A BEE certificate indicating BEE Compliance is a key consideration for businesses to favorably position growth prospects and be part of positive transformation.

Being BEE compliant means, you will not miss out on prospective business from companies wanting to deal with only BEE compliant companies. Furthermore, it could also mean you gain business from non-compliant competitors. Your BEE certificate allows your business to become eligible for grants and obtaining finance.

If you do not have a good BEE rating, they (your client) will not be scoring as high on their procurement element scorecard, and subsequently, they might decide to replace you.

How can LearnMe assist with BEE compliance?

LearnMe is a trusted BEE consulting and advisory firm. We assist companies with the implementation and design of their BEE strategies, taking into account legislation, best practice and the evolving environment. Our BEE consultants have years of experience and in-depth knowledge enabling LearnMe to assist you to successfully navigate BEE. 

Is your business facing BEE Challenges? With the BEE audit process constantly evolving, are you ready for the next audit? At LearnMe you will get BEE solutions tailored to YOUR needs.

Read more on what LearnMe can do for your BEE areas in your business.

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