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Construction SETA


One of the CETA (Construction Education & Training Authority) responsibilities is to identify skills gaps and to develop education and training programmes appropriate to address the skills shortages identified in-line with the skills needs in the Construction Industry.

At LEARNME we offer a BEE Aligned CETA Learnership focusing directly on one of the skills needed in the construction industry and skills needs identified by lead employers in the industry.


Qualification Title:


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National Certificate: Construction Plant Operations




Our National Certificate: Construction Plant Operations, will assist all relevant stakeholders and role-players in the Construction Industry.   This is a one-year CETA Learnership programme and after completion learners are fully qualified Construction Plant Operation practitioners, competent to operate a variety of earthmoving equipment and machinery namely:

  • Tracked Dozer
  • Tractor
  • Water Cart
  • Excavator
  • Backhoe / loader
  • Grader
  • Roller
  • Tip Truck
  • Front end loader
  • Articulated dump truck

Our team of facilitators are not only highly qualified and knowledgeable in the Construction industry they are also competent in operating all earthmoving equipment and machinery and able to motivate and support the training groups throughout the learning experience through Compassion & Mentorship.

Course Breakdown

At the end of the Learnership, learners will be competent and able to:

  • Applying health and safety principles in plant operations.
  • Understanding plant operations in the construction environment.
  • Performing plant operation related functions.
  • Adhering to plant operation personnel procedures.
  • Understanding mechanical and leverage principles to operate earthmoving, transport and/or ancillary plant.

Our theoretical training consists of approximately 30% time spend in class over the 12-month period covering the below modules.

Theoretical Course Modules includes:
  • Module 1 – Business Communication
  • Module 2 – Problem Solving
  • Module 3 – Conflict Management
  • Module 4 – Health & Safety
  • Module 5 – Construction Principles
  • Module 6 – Mechanical Principles

Practical training and workplace experience will cover the remaining 70% of the learning.  During the practical training sessions, learners are taught how to operate the elected earthmoving machinery or equipment over a 2 to 4-week period.  Our qualified and registered assessors will spend sufficient time with each learner to ensure their competence before doing their final summative assessments.

Learners are assessed on actual machines and equipment, in an actual working environment, to ensure they link their knowledge-based learning in construction and mechanical principles, to these real-life situations.

Group of Construction Plant Operations Learners starting their practical training session

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